Help with our Second Phase!

GoFundMe screen shot

We have started a GoFundMe campaign with the intentions of raising funds for the second phase of the project which will include, expansion of skiable terrain and a temporary snowmobile trail will have to be relocated. We would like to begin the second phase the summer of 2017.

We’ve had tremendous local support for Mt. Eustis already and we thank each and every one of you for that. Getting Mt. Eustis up and running again will mean a great deal to the community and all of us who spent our formative years learning to ski on this ski hill. Thank you for your support. And don’t forget to check out our Mt. Eustis Facebook page for more information. Donate Today!

Progress Thus Far

On Sunday January 30th, a group of dedicated volunteers spent the day on the hill. We had a HUGE day including cleaning out the bottom shack and storage unit, leveling the bottom lift shack, building the bridge behind the first lift tower, installing the motor into the top shack, and installing all of the Sheaves onto the lift poles! At this point, we are very close to being done – all we need now is some snow!

Snow dance anyone?