Individual Sponsorship

Snowmaker  $125

Without the dedicated snowmaker, we would all be relying upon Mother Nature’s whims. A snowmaker takes water, air and pressure to convert a green slope into a winter playground. Pledge $125 and choose from two styles of our Mt. Eustis T-shirts.

Groomer $75

A talented groomer is able to smooth uneven piles of snow like frosting on a cake. It looks so easy—just sit in the cab and drive around all night listening to your iPod, right? Wrong. One bad move and the blade will have smeared dirt across the slope. Pledge $75 and get our Mt. Eustis embroidered baseball cap, with a worn look and slightly broken-in feel.

Lift Attendant $25

You become a lift attendant, commonly called the Lift Rat, because you love to ski and you want to do it as much as possible—and who else gets to ski at their job all day? Pledge $25 and we’ll set you up with a Mt. Eustis sticker for your back window, skis, Thule® box, or fridge.


We appreciate all contributions, big or small. Pledge an amount that’s right for you!

All individual donations will be recognized on this website (soon) unless you ask not to be mentioned. You will also be included in our email list to receive monthly updates, progress reports, and special events.

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